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Simpore J.; Pignatelli S.; and Musumeci S.
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AIDS: Immunodeficiency Acquired Syndrome caused by HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) not only “continentless”, but also “homeless” because no passport or visa is required to move from one country to another. In its sadistic zeal, it hits and affects blindly mankind: rich or poor, male or female, child or old man, doctor or carpenter, believer or unbeliever, all suffer from its fatal blows.

Currently, AIDS remains the leading cause of morbidity in developing countries. Throughout the world, nearly 40 million people live with HIV, including more than 14.8 million women and 1.2 million under 15 year children. Since 1980 to date, more than 16.3 million people have died out of HIV / AIDS.

At the dawn of this third millennium, through epidemiological data on HIV / AIDS, the world will have to face a real challenge. In living memory, no one can remember such a contagious disease killing for so a short period of time, many young people as HIV / AIDS. It becomes therefore urgent that all biomedical researchers work in synergy in their research on HIV / AIDS to find absolutely an effective cure or vaccine against this plague. To fight against HIV / AIDS, operational strategies have been developed:

  1. Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT)
  2. The fight against opportunistic diseases (co-infections: HBV, HCV, HHV-8, Toxoplasma gondii, Rotavirus, Adenovirus ...)
  3. Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)
  4. Phytotherapy
  5. Fundamental research on HIV
  6. Research on a therapeutic vaccine.

Undoubtedly, until to date, this retrovirus seems to have disarmed and defeated mankind both biologically and strategically. Possibilities to find vaccine or treatment still seem far. In this pathetic situation, only relevant cultural, biomedical, legal and ethical options can, for the moment, allow contemporary men and women to initiate collectively and in solidarity, a new type of fight to preserve and protect the common mankind through accountable human behaviors.

With the advent of globalization, one thing is obvious: the day will come when HIV / AIDS disappears on earth, leaving behind it, scars of love among men and solidarity among peoples".

A dream: The death of VIH.
"With the advent of globalization, one thing is obvious: A day will come when HIV / AIDS disappears on earth, leaving behind its scars of love among men and solidarity among peoples".

Protégeons l'embryon humain

Sfide dell'AIDS: P. Frank Monks