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Number of populations from Sub-Sahara African countries live on less than one dollar U.S. per day. These poor people cannot have access to modern medicines. According to WHO, nearly 80% of Africans use natural remedies to treat diseases. The Burkina Faso Government encourages the use of plants to treat some of the pathologies.
The Burkina Faso Ministry of Health has created a directorate in charge of pharmacopoeia, showing therefore, the importance given to traditional medicines. Additionally, to establish this therapeutic research using plant, the Burkina Faso Ministry of Health signed on April 4, 2000, a research Memorandum of Understanding on medicinal plants with the religious from Saint Camille of Ouagadougou. The Herbal Research Unit was then created in the Saint Camille Medical Centre in Ouagadougou.

Burkina Faso, because of its geographical position, has an extremely rich and diverse flora. It is not therefore surprising that some of our plants contain concentrations of natural antiretrovirals. Plants which are still by their nature are subject not only to climate attack but also to environmental aggressiveness, develop secondary metabolites that enable them to cope with their environment and overcome difficulties. Those which cannot genetically face the impact of various stresses by genetic mutations and synthesize appropriate resistance factors will disappear.

 These secondary metabolites produced by plants and used as defensive substances and resistance factors are, since man has learnt to use plants to treat himself, invaluable source of phyto-medicines against these various diseases due to all kind of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and pathogenic parasites. Currently, plant secondary metabolites are undoubtedly, a major source of biologically active substances responsible for the great number of drugs used in modern therapeutics. Indeed, substances isolated from medicinal plants are more and more diversified source of pharmacological activities, with some originality in the mechanisms of action.

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